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Export Django data to datestamped tarball -- choose individual models for handy packaging and archiving

<p>Just like it says -- set it up and run. Use it for server migrations, for project handoffs, in cron jobs, you name it. 
<p>I have never had problems exporting models to individual fixtures in this way, and only one bout of trouble re-importing them (and that was, like, an impossible-triangle of OneToOneField dependencies anyway, and they were going from a sqlite file to a postgres schema that totally had inappropriate nullable columns in it). I find that the json files named for what they contain is helpful when and if manage.py does freak out during an import, as the output from loaddata command is so opaque it's autistic, basically.
<p>A trivial refactoring effort could make it into a management command -- it already makes use of the builtin dumpdata command class internally. However I did not feel like overthinking it enough to set it up in a repository (doubtlessly padded with unrelated 'utilities' and explanatory .rst files) and then writing a blog post to sell it to you. That is why you are reading this code here, instead of on GitHub. 
<p>Don't get me wrong, GitHub is awesome, and like a consummate host... but not the way I love me some quick and dirty snippet code, these days. Whatever, you say lazy, I say productively relaxed, potato/potahto.
<p>Erm. In any case please do enjoy this model fixture-exporter. Yes.

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