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Extended Profiling Middleware

Modified version of Profiling Middleware

Prints profile results for method, additionally groups results by files and by modules (for django uses top level modules as groups). Works for Windows.

Usage: append ?prof or &prof= to any URL pointing to django application after adding ProfileMiddleware to middlewares in yours settings.py.

NOTICE: ProfileMiddleware uses hotshot profiler which is not thread safe.

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Very cool, thanks!

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I've found this snippet a bit weird in that it reuses the old response object. This works fine except when the content type is not html, e.g. looking at XML output. A quick fix to this problem is to add:

response['Content-Type'] = 'text/html'

to the end of process_response()

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You can replace the tiercary operator mentionned above with

res += "%4.1f%% %7.3f %s\n" % ( sum and 100*item[0]/sum or 0, item[0], item[1] )

So it run on python 2.4

And to have a (little) more info on SQL request, you could extend the code of andrew with this :

response.content += '\n%d SQL Queries in %.3f seconds :\n' %(
    len(connection.queries), sum([ float(i.get('time', 0)) for i in connection.queries ]))
response.content += pprint.pformat(connection.queries)

in the process_response file.

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For this to work with >= 1.0 you need to change the multiple occurances of 'request.has_key' to this:

'prof' in request.GET

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I get this error when i go to the admin area with this middleware: 'WSGIRequest' object has no attribute 'user'

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To simultaneous profile SQL queries (in DEBUG mode):

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To handle views with alternative mimetypes (such as XML), you should assign to response['content-type'] on line 112

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This might expose my lack of understanding of this, but how come my application code doesn't show up in the profile?

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Python 2.4 throws an invalid syntax error on the "if" in line 57 : res += "%4.1f%% %7.3f %s\n" % ( 100*item[0]/sum if sum else 0, item[0], item[1] )

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And don't forget to put the SQL request debug code in [HTML_REMOVED]