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HTML to text filter

<p>This filter converts HTML to nicely-formatted text using the text-browser W3M. I use this for constructing e-mail bodies, since it means I don't have to have two templates, one HTML and one plain-text, for each detailed e-mail I want to send. Besides the obvious maintenance benefits, this is nice because Django's templating system isn't well-suited to plain-text where whitespace and line-breaks are significant.</p>
<p>I chose W3M because it renders tables nicely and can take in HTML from STDIN (which Lynx can't do). An alternative is ELinks; to use it, change "cmd" to the following: elinks -force-html -stdin -dump -no-home</p>

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Great idea. I'm trying this and am getting:

File "C:\Python25\lib\subprocess.py", line 885, in _communicate
IOError: [Errno 22] Invalid argument

After a little debugging, I haven't found a solution. Any ideas?

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cmd = "lynx -force_html -stdin -dump" works for me.

Right you are, but I don't see any reason to use Lynx. Both W3M and ELinks render HTML much better than Lynx.

What's wrong with ...

The etree.tostring() method is just a serialization method. It is not an HTML rendering engine, which is what W3M and ELinks provide.

Also, html2text

That script would be appropriate for very simple HTML, but ~400 lines of Python can't replace a complete rendering engine.

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What's wrong with

from lxml import etree

def convert(text):
    return etree.tostring(
        encoding='utf8', method='text'

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cmd = "lynx -force_html -stdin -dump" works for me.