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Import mail into a Django model

A mildly crufty script to slurp mail from an mbox into a Django model. I use a variant of this script to pull the contents of my scammy-spam mbox into the database displayed at http://purportal.com/spam/

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Oh, and it also has a gratuitous hardcoded reference to MySQLdb, simply because the DB was frequently barfing on bad dates (the mail I'm processing with this is spam). One could certainly find a way to catch that without resorting to a DB-specific reference.

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Yes, it's definitely Unix-specific. I'll leave writing a generalized version as an exercise for the reader, since it would likely quadruple in size (and not be any more useful to me personally!).

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Great idea! But it seems to broke one of the main python power - one language, many platforms (of course IMHO :). This will be usable only for Unix-like OS'es. An option for me is to connect to POP3 and get all data from there.