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Link raw_id_fields (both ForeignKeys and ManyToManyFields) to their change pages

UPDATE: Now works in Django 1.4

Based on luc_j:s snippet (http://djangosnippets.org/snippets/2108/) to show values in ManyToManyFields in the admin. This snippets does that, but also links each value to its corresponding admin change page.

To use, just set the raw_id_fields to the value you want, and let your form inherit from ImproveRawIdFieldsForm.

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if you change line 45 to the follow it will also support OneToOneRel's

if type in ('ManyToOneRel', 'OneToOneRel'):

also a good ideal to add the following else after line 48 to avoid losing special handling in super's formfield_for_dbfield for raw_id_fields we don't otherwise handle (assuming there's more than 3 types)

    # we don't have anything special for this type
    return super(ImproveRawIdFieldsForm, self).formfield_for_dbfield(db_field, **kwargs)

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so... how i use in INLINE form?

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@AndyHilton: Here's some example usage: https://gist.github.com/EmilStenstrom/4761449

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This sounds like just what I am looking for but struggling to see where to put the pieces (as with so many django snippets it's hard when it is just raw code without a note to say where it should be placed !) - I tried adding the above to my admin.py but cannot then see how to inherit my form from ImproveRawIdFieldsForm (my form is currently in forms.py) - am sure I am close !! Any helpful pointers ?

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Updated to work in Django 1.4.

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Thanks, works perfectly! I can't imagine why this functionality isn't included by default!