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newforms: Add field-specific error in form.clean()

This is a bit of a hack, but as far as I can see currently the only way to specify a validation error that is specific to a field in form.clean().

I am aware of clean_<fieldname>, but those are difficult to use when the validation process for a field involves other fields as well, because the necessary data might at that point not be yet available in form.cleaned_data.

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Archatas, instead of: self._errors['field1'] = self._errors.get('field1', [])

you should do: self._errors['field1'] = self._errors.get('field1', ErrorList())

ErrorList comes from django.forms.utils

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oh.. I forgot to return the cleaned dictionary at the end. so there should be

return cleaned

after all.

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This is how you can blame different fields for different errors:

def clean(self):
    cleaned = self.cleaned_data
    errors = False

    # ...
    if there_are_errors_for_field1:
        self._errors['field1'] = self._errors.get('field1', [])
        self._errors['field1'].append(_("Field 1 is invalid"))
        errors = True

    # ...
    if there_are_errors_for_field2:
        self._errors['field2'] = self._errors.get('field2', [])
        self._errors['field2'].append(_("Field 2 is invalid"))
        errors = True

    # ...
    non_field_errors = []
    if there_are_other_errors:
        non_field_errors.append(_("Non field error"))
        errors = True

    if errors:
        raise form.ValidationError(non_field_errors)