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Search child models in django admin changelist

If you use django admin interface and have added an admin page for a model, django gives out-of-box search functionality in the model fields or foreignkey fields. One thing it doesn't support is searching in child models. For example you have created an admin page for Student model and there is model for courses which stores one or more courses taken by students and if you want to search by course name on the student page to see which students took a particular course. Django doesn't let you do that. I have written a small utility which will let you do that. Just copy the snippet in a file and then inherit from the ChildSearchAdmin instead of ModelAdmin and then you can specify which model/fields you want it to search on. The syntax is: **child_searches = [(ChildModel, 'field_to_search_on', 'foreign_key_field_in_child_model'),..] Example: class StudentAdmin(ChildSearchAdmin): child_searches = [(StudentCourse, 'course', 'student')]

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