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Test Django against many Pythons and databases

<p>I'm posting this here mostly because I need a more permanent home for this than my lappy's hard drive. I hope it's interesting to other people, though.</p>
<p>Anyway - this script is what I use to test Django against multiple versions of Python and multiple databases.  To actually run this you'll of course need Python 2.3, 2.4, and 2.5 installed along with MySQL, PostgreSQL, and sqlite3 -- and the associated database wrappers for all 3 Pythons.</p>
<p>Yes, for the record, I've got all those things installed on my laptop.</p>
<p>If you can somehow make that work, though, running this script will print out a nice little summary of what's failing against which versions of Python and which database.  Run with -v to see the actual failures.</p>

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Thanks, Jacob. I'm running this script against all three pythons and all the DB drivers you are, plus psycopg2 and Oracle. My laptop gets a workout.

Nyah, nyah. :-)